Here is Me!

My name is Saima, I am creative, passionate Lifestyle and Family documentary photographer who enjoys her surburbian lifestyle not only in Atlanta, but now in another great city Sydney, Australia. A woman born in another country and raised in GA her entire life, I can say I am true GA GAL for sure. My life is surrounded by my loving husband, my two beautiful teenage daughters and a handsome little son who pretty much runs my life! YIKES! Oh and another love of my life is my camera which I pretty much have on me at all times.

My style is more documentary/ unposed while in the moment, but I definelty don't shy away from my clients wanting posed sessions. My creativity comes from families who are in their daily life and in their natural element. This type of style I feel goes across all elements of photography when you are capturing families, kids, couples, marriages, people walking in the street. You catch a glimpse of a movement that is least expected which is so AWESOME! You get to gather unseen moments, the emotions, the touch and the maddess that you probably do not get to see from your own eyes in your daily life.

I love shooting outdoors and capturing natures beauty. I want to share my travel journey, my life and be an engaging photographer when it comes to my clients. So the next time you want to go grab an ice cream with your family, take a walk with your significant other and want to capture something that is totally different, I would like to work with you to make that happen.

Cheers, Saima Jewett