Meet The Grayson’s

Meet The Grayson’s

Have you ever come across someone where a husband and wife are so dedicated to their relationship that you get that feel good feeling? Well this couple defines that all the way. Meet Rahman and Camille along with their beautiful kids. This family who I have watched in the gym for many years not only work hard with their workouts, their kids are just as active. My meeting with Camille started of with a brief hello at the gym we both attend and then I am not sure how, but we just started talking and just got to know each other and a little bit about our families. Who knew that after a year and a half later that this family was going to have a little baby girl and then I would be doing their family pictures.

This powerhouse family has their own studio in midtown Atlanta called “Mr. Shut Up and Train” yes you heard right. Their focus is in coaching, fitness, self-esteem are just some of the areas that they specialize in. In addition, CEO Rahman Grayson aka. Ray has been in many publications and has been in many media outlets. So go  checkout his website and see how he can help you for your next session:

Here are some sweet pictures from their session and I want to say thank you to this family for allowing me to do their session.


Saima Jewett Photography