Corporate to House Wife!

Leaving Corporate!

In life we all have struggles or may have possibly come across a hardship that you never recover from. However, for me one of my many struggles Ive had these last few months is accepting the fact that I have moved on from a Corporate job that I have held since my 20’s and now I am a stay at home mom!

While you may be saying to yourself “oh my GOD woman get over yourself.” I certainly feel like that women who have been SO independent their entire life and have gone through obstacles like being divorced, struggling financially and just making sure that you are taking care of your kids/ family indeed feel a bit hopeless. I did not know any better but to work hard and be so damn good at what I did, that nothing else mattered but my family and work. I am that woman who has gone through it all and I have worked so damn hard and all my hard work molded me into this successful person.

Now, there comes a time in your life when you meet someone and you get married that itself changes the dynamics. Well mine has! I left my comfort which was my job, the independence, my security blanket and not wanting to be dependent on anyone for a life changing experience. We moved to Australia to give our kids and our family a life time of an opportunity to travel around the world, experience other cultures and be more diverse.  An experience where my husband wants me to just take a chill pill, relax and go have fun! But I don’t know how to do that. I feel like that since he is now the sole provider I should be very careful on the purchases that I make since this is his hard earned money for our family. But never once he had stopped me to do the things I enjoy. I have the freedom to enjoy with no restrictions, but why this guilt?!

House Wife!

The most rewarding but yet not house wife material. I know what woman will not give to live this life! My life lately consists of running after 2 teenagers, a 2 year old who had uber loads of energy that I feel like that ONE mother who spends countless hours at the park and in gym clothes. Gym clothes have now become my lounge wear, my teenage daughters make fun of me that GYM attire is “Moms dressing up.”  Then I feel like that the only purpose in my life these days is that I am a snack lady for my 2 year, a Betty Crocker who bakes cookies, a Pioneer wanna woman who is cooking and testing meals and finally a maid who picks up after everyone in the house. Then if I do get sometime in between I will maybe eat, or get out of my gym clothes, possibly take a shower and MAYBE have time to watch television.

Okay don’t take this as me complaining, but I am giving you a look into my life now with all the changes that we I have come across. As a woman share with me what is your perspective on life  is when everything changes around you?

Talk to me and share your thought 🙂 #womenrule