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Getting Married & On a Strict Budget!

Hello Beautiful Brides,

As I get older and attend weddings it seems like weddings are getting more elaborate & much expensive by the min! I always get the BLUE’s that LORD I am going to have to start saving since I have 2 daughters on my own and I need to pay for their wedding without creating a debt for myself.

So as little girls, we dream for this beautiful day and want it to be as perfect as your prince charming. Ladies it can be, but you have to be pro-active and strategically plan for this day in advance to save money. Here are some of the areas you can really save in I promise!

  1. the right dress
  2. the right décor that is tasteful
  3. the wedding favors for guests
  4. the invitations and much more
  5. the wedding rings (no kidding)

While the list keeps going you need  to ask yourself as a bride first, do I have the financial ability to pay for this wedding in cash? Yes, cash ladies, life was so simple before all these credit cards came into existence. I can tell you this when I got married we paid the entire wedding in cash and yes that included our honeymoon too. So why am I talking all this non-sense?! If you are a bride that is on a budget and thinking about saving money in certain areas of your wedding, I came across stores that are having a great sale not only on wedding cards but the décor as well. You should cut corners and I think wedding cards, ring pillow & wedding favors to name a few are some good ones.

Here are my tips and store links where you can shop for savings

Michaels: They are having a MEGA SALE THIS WEEK ONLY! Shop at Michaels they have a HUGE section of bridal items, the best part of it all you can use a coupon normally 40% off or so. Michaels has a huge range of wedding cards and they are quite elegant I must say. I purchased mine at Michaels and under $100.00 I got about 100 cards which included the RSVP cards. I then printed the invitations at home on my printer it was just beautiful! Also, while you are there look into some picture frames and guest book too, those can be picked up at a stellar price as well. You don’t necessarily have to do all this in one setting, if you get paid bi-weekly set yourself a dollar amount and take out cash and only spend that amount nothing more!


Hobby Lobby: So if you are looking for wedding themed décor like nautical, floral, ribbon trims, garlands & etc…are all on sale this week. Best of all they have the 40% coupon off, but this is off one regular priced items. If your wedding theme is around FARM they have some super cute galvanized trays, wood sayings and much more, so be sure to check out their weekly add this week.


David’s Bridal: They tend to have dresses for every individual and array of price range. So if you are on a budget and do not want to spend a ton of money for a dress you will wear for 4 or so then check out their huge sale selection. They also have sample sales online for brides.


Shane Co: Ladies Shane Co. is not paying me to say this, but these guys I think are amazing at what they do, I have purchased few pieces over the years from them and their service is really good. What I did find out about this company was they want to make purchasing jewelry affordable and that is of course one you can open a credit card (not a good idea) other you can pay for your grooms or wife’s rings in installments. Depending on the dollar value of your rings, you have to place some percent down and then you can pay overtime. So this gives you a bit of relief on your wallet. In addition, their warranty, free sizing, cleaning and inspection of your jewelry is all free. While other jewelers will charge for this service, so go check them out.


Also, check out these stores: Oriental trading, bhldn, allure bridal, also check out Pinterest for ideas.

Ladies, I have given you all this AMMO now go shop on a budget. If you have any questions about this post, please email me at


Saima Jewett Photography

Giveaway: Family Lifestyle Documentary Session

Giveaway: Family Documentary Session

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your life or your family documented?

As a photographer I am always looking for ways to not only improve my skills but have a bit of a twist on how I do things in my business. I have always enjoyed watching, reading and learning about the art of Photography documentary! Something about documenting life in general tells a story about who you are as a person.

While I will still be a lifestyle family photographer, photographing kids, family, teens, engagements, weddings and much more. I want to tell a story going forward and that is TELL YOUR story in a documentary series way.

I am giving away 2 sessions to families who would like to experience their everyday life. I am looking for the following:

 1. Family who does everything with their kids: reading books, baking, playing outside, watching TV and does not being in their pajamas. Documenting

how crazy your life is on Saturday morning!

2. Family who is expecting a new baby in their family and does not mind photographing either an at home birth or hospital birth.

3. Session will need to be completed by Feb 17th, 2018.

If you or anyone you think would be interested, please email or follow the link to complete the contact form.


Saima Jewett Photography