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A Life Changing Experience

The move across the world…

                                                                                                                The Sydney Opera House

There is never a moment in your life when you think to yourself how fun of an adventure it would be to move across the world with your family? Sounds exciting right! Well if you have not caught on by now by my Facebook & Instagram stories, pictures and some live videos I have moved to a place that no one could have ever imagined, at least I did not.

A life changing experience has been nothing but exciting, but not just for me, it is for my whole family. There are some details that I cannot share to why we are here; all I can say is that we are extremely lucky and this is one and million opportunities that we have been blessed with.

                                               Darling Harbour Childrens Fountain

I have imerced myself in the beauty of Sydney, Australia where life is nothing but being outdoors enjoying the beauty around the beach, bay, watch surfers surf, people watch, kids playing outdoors, listen to accents from around the world, where shops close at 5 everyday except for Thursday’s and enjoy knowing what a laid back culture these Aussie’s live. However, don’t be fooled by the hard working folks here, there are plenty I have come across. Lucky ME! Right! I say….

                                                                                                           Shelly Beach Waves

So the time that I am here, I want to enjoy traveling around Aussie and see the beauty of this country. Also, I will be touring placing that not just Aussie only…I want to share with you my passion of photography, purse my dreams of working with people here in this country and see how far I land.

I say opportunities are endless, but you have to be persistent and a go getter to achieve what you want in life. So stick with me and lets see where I will take you next!

Cheers from Down Under!

                                                                                                         Darling Bay Harbour