Pet Photography

Is your puppy or kitty your BFF and the LOVE of your life? It is often said that pets are great saviors for owners who suffer with any type or kind of illness or you just want a partner. They tend to heal, make you smile, make you go gaga’s over them and then they are essentially your children who you worry about and can’t live without.

Meet this sweet puppy Cookie who I got to take pictures off, she is sweet, lovable, kind, a licker, a snuggler and most of all she is amazing with kids. She is a mixed breed per her mama, part Labrador and seems to be part Terrier. The only funny part of this sweet girl is that we had to leave her leash on, because there would have been a slight possibility she could run off!

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
Roger Caras (photographer and writer)
Cheers and have a PAWTASTIC DAY,

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