Fall Session Clothing Ideas

6 Tips on What to Wear for your Outdoor Fall Family Portrait Session

So before we get into clothing ideas, keep in mind that what clothing you decide to wear for your session can greatly affect the outcome of the portraits. Keeping in mind just not only in style, but the overall happiness of everyone in the pictures. I know it is hard to let go and you want to make sure that everything is PERFECT for this fun day without any malfunctions. So here are some tips to help prepare you and your beautiful family for your next amazing portrait session.

1. Choosing a Timeless Clothing Style

Photographs are memories for a lifetime, so when choosing outfits look at clothes   that are bold in colors and reflect the seasons. Avoid wearing shirts with BIG BOLD logos as they create a distraction.

2. The importance of layers in GA fall weather

We have all experienced the great GA fall weather, it is HOT one min and then FREEZING the next. You want to make sure that everyone in your family is comfortable.

One of the things I suggest my clients is layer your clothing, if you know that the morning time will be freezing and then warm by late morning! put on fun clothing like: button down sweater, scarfs, hats, leggings, knee socks and of course you can always wear shorts as an option.

3. Pay attention to the size of clothing

Many parents make the mistake of purchasing clothing for their young ones, one size up! While this is great idea, to have those perfect pictures you want clothing that will look fit and not loose. It gives a great appeal when you receive the final product. It is like giving your front yard some fresh flowers and mowing the lawn so it looks beautiful and perfect.

4. Colors and Textures

It is always best to dress according to season colors. If you have a family session that is taking place in early fall, while the beautiful leaves are changing colors. Keep in mind colors that will compliment the environment around you. I have a tendency of wearing bright clothing, but they are bright in a suttle way.

Here are some of my favorite fall colors: plum, maroon, burnt orange, navy, creams and blue. These are fun colors that compliment any skin tones and there is so much you can pair with these colors.

Textures, these are some elements you can find in sweaters which are a great way to add visual interest in styling for your family portraits.

5. Cohesiveness of Clothing

When dressing your family, make sure that you break up all the fun colors that you will be wearing for this FUN day. I suggest that you first start of with one person’s outfit and then start building from there. It is OK if one person is wearing a busier pattern with lots of colors that the rest of the family compliments.

6. What to wear on your feet?

If you are anything like me, I like to make sure that my outfit matches my shoes! Yes, I am crazy like that; I am not saying anything that is outrageously crazy. But having soft and natural colors that compliments your clothes and look classy makes a huge statement. Think of this photo session like having a job interview, you want to look spiffy from head to toe. Look at shoe tone colors like: browns, black and navy. Shoe examples; like pumps, block heel, Mary Jane, loafers or nice classic sneakers.

So let’s bring on the Fall and enjoy what this Fall has to bring to us.


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